The main focus of Life Adjusted in on commercial and residential wellness. We understand that the best providers are rarely conveniently located. This results in prioritizing tangible, daily needs that usually ignore personal requirements. So why not get the necessary care where you are already going to be?

All commercial and residential wellness care is by appointment only. Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.


$50 a single visit; $85* for every other week, $150* 4x a month.

Plus One:
$75 a visit; $125* for every other week, $200* 4x a month.

$25 for each additional person at the same location/visit beyond the ‘Plus One’. For example: family of 3 would be $100; $150*; $225*

Wellness Party: w/ a minimum of 6 people, is $25 per person, per visit.


Employee paid:
$50 a single visit; $85** for every other week, $150** 4x a month;
Four or more $100 a month per person*

Employer paid:
Minimum of 4:
– $400 month**
– $50 per person after 4**.

*The above pricing packages are for 2 & 4 visits a month, used at a rate of 1x in a scheduled week. However, if you feel you require more visits, they can be used whenever necessary. Additional visits are $35 for the 3rd and $25 for the 5th and beyond within the 30 day billing cycle. Additional visits are dependent on availability.
**This is for the 1st four designated weekdays in a given month. The only exception is the month of November; If there are 5 designated weekdays in November, it will replace the 4th designated weekday in December. This will result in and average of 4 adjustments a month or a total of 48 adjustments a year. It is the responsibility of the employee to be available on the day of the on-site wellness. Missed visits do not roll over. If the missed visit is the fault of the provider, the date will be made up at an alternate day of that week or at the next 5th designated weekday.