Life Adjusted has always been the parent company/clinic owned by Dr. Chada that was located within the original Curbside Chiropractic Mobile. However, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the previously imposed restrictions made it impossible to maintain. With the bulk of care being corporate and on-site, I had to close down the mobile clinic as more and more companies operated from “home” and my inability to accommodate the masses across the entire Denver Metro area. Life Adjusted and Dr. Chada decided it was time to put the dream on hold and create a more stable brick and mortar practice. We now proudly serve the amazing people that occupy the The SLV and beyond.

I understand that more often than not, people relate cost to quality. However, it is my experience that with chiropractic care, it is the opposite. Higher prices are due to people not coming back.

I base my prices on keeping the lights on. I love what I do and I strive to be the best there is. So, I do not feel you need to spend a lot of money to Experience The Difference…

Chada is Bohemian for “Smoke” or an ironically derogatory term, for a “dark skinned Bohemian”, not to be confused with the modern day “gypsy”. My mother’s father’s father came from ‘The Kingdom of Bohemia‘ at the turn of the last century. The KOB is the predecessor of the current Czech Republic. I am 23% Eastern European (The Czech Republic, also known as Czechia. Historically known as Bohemia.)

Prokop 1651

  • Tomas 1688
  • Jan 1714
  • Jan 1742


  • Josef 1776
  • Josef 1819
  • Thomas 1850
  • Theodore 1877


  • Frank 1910
  • Donald 1937
  • Susan 1958
  • Dr. Chada 1975 (Yes, I am actually 47yo)

Additionally, I am French/German (33.9%) and the descendant of:

Jacob Walrath 1723-1790 a Veteran of the French & Indian War; his son Ens Nicholas Walrath 1750-1836 a Veteran of the Revolutionary War and his son; Abraham Walrod 1789-1863 a Veteran of the War of 1812 from maternal grandmother’s father.

The other side of the coin is 40.7% Sub Saharan African with the largest portion being 27.1% Nigerian (Igbo people). As we know from American history; that lineage is a bit more difficult to trace back.

I am horrible about carrying business cards and other means of finding me after we have crossed paths. I imagine that many people, at some point, have attempted to remember Dr. Chada. If the recall failed, I would forever become ‘That Chiropractor’ they met in their minds. And calling myself The Alamosa Chiropractor aloud is a bit much. 

This created a Light Bulb moment and the discovery that the domain name was available. Making me officially That Chiropractor

Express Chiropractic was started in 2020 by Dr. Phillip Poindexter. However, in early 2022 he decided he wanted to be closer to his parents and sell the practice to move to NW Arkansas. Negotiations were made, a deal was reached, a contract was signed and the practice was sold in early August. This began the slow transition from Express Chiropractic to become the official brick and mortar of Dr. Chada’s Life Adjusted.