What is the difference between ‘Life Adjusted’ and “Curbside Chiropractic’?

Life Adjusted is the parent company/clinic owned by Dr. Chada located within the original Curbside Chiropractic Mobile. It was established before ‘Curbside Chiropractic‘ and was originally a brick and mortar location. However, the idea of people having to sacrifice portions of an already busy day seemed easy to remedy. Rather than having to sit in traffic, I navigate the highways and byways to get to where you are. Not to mention, nobody likes to take time off of work and travel out of their way just to wait in line. I am also certain nobody wants to reverse the process after receiving care. By creating Curbside Chiropractic, Life Adjusted and the hands of Dr. Chada are able to provide care wherever your day takes you in the Pueblo area.

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