What is your ethnic background?

I am Bohemian, not to be confused with a “gypsy”. My mother’s father’s father came from ‘The Kingdom of Bohemia’ at the turn of the last century. The KOB is the predecessor of the current Czech Republic.

Prokop 1651

  • Tomas 1688
  • Jan 1714
  • Jan 1742


  • Josef 1776
  • Josef 1819
  • Thomas 1850
  • Theodore 1877


  • Frank 1910
  • Donald 1937
  • Susan 1958
  • Jeremy 1975

Additionally, I am German and the descendant of:

Jacob Walrath 1723-1790 a Veteran of the French & Indian War; his son Nicholas Walrath 1750-1836 a Veteran of the Revolutionary War and his son; Abraham Walrod 1789-1963 a Veteran of the War of 1812 from maternal grandmother’s father.

I am also 50% Black. As we know from American history; that lineage is a bit more difficult to trace back.

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